International Week 2018 for Non-teaching staff – Coming together to find best practices and get to know each other

International weeks have been a tradition at TAMK since 2008. Today TAMK hosts approximately eight international weeks in different fields yearly.  Non-teaching staff international week took place at the end of April and brought together professionals from eight countries. These professionals work in many areas in higher education anywhere from financial services to library and international services.

Best Practices and Getting to Know TAMK

The week started off with an introduction to TAMK, its facilities, fields of education and services, and, of course, Finland as a country and it’s education system. The guests of the international week had an opportunity from the beginning to find best practices among each other and from TAMK and they usually became the most excited when they had the chance for a free flowing Q&A during and after presentations.

As the week went on the guests were introduced to Demola and Y-Campus concepts. Both seemed to raise a lot of discussion, questions and interest in combining the higher education scheme with entrepreneurial studies in practice.

Guests were also offered the chance to book individual meetings with a TAMK representative in their own fields in order to discuss current matters and services/practices in more detail.

Photograph by Kukka-Maaria Korko

Fun and Games

There were also two evening programs planned for the guests. First evening get-together took place in Mediapolis Campus, where guests met other international week participants that were taking part in the week arranged by Art, Music and Media at the same time. Mediapolis students had put together a viewing of the new short films produced and made by students and the guests got to watch improvisational theatre as well.

Second evening program was something very Finnish and very different from what any of the guests had ever tried before. Sauna and swimming at Varala.  The food was great, sauna was enjoyable and some even dared to take dip in the icy lake.

Photograph by Suvi Hokkanen

To sum up the week, it was full of fun, laughter and discussions on developing services. Thanks to all that helped in the organization, all the presenters and especially the guests that made the week all that it was!

Text: Suvi Hokkanen/International Coordinator for Staff Exchanges

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