Digital Storytelling on Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction 2022 course

Already for the third time, we had an assignment called Digital Storytelling on the course Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction. On this assignment, students have a possibility to reflect on their learnings on one course topic selected by themselves and make connections between their own life and this specific course learning. Also this year, the stories are just amazing.

As a teacher of this course, I am always looking forward for these stories. They are so expressive, creative and personal, and I feel they are like window to students’ world. Digital Storytelling can be also very therapeutical for the storyteller itself, as it gives the freedom and space to concentrate on one’s inner feelings, experiences and insights. This year, the stories were very personal, and many of them touched me very deeply. There was a wide spectrum of topics that were discussed in the stories, including motivation and emotion, which seem to be very popular themes every year. In addition, this year, it seems that students got a lot of inspiration of nature’s healing effects and “getting slow”. Also, we could see lots of hope included in the stories.

In nutshell, the goal of the Digital Storytelling assignment is to select one meaningful learning from the psychology topics of the course and reflect on this learning when it comes to design, or own life. The students create a max. 5-minute story in video format. The stories are shared inside the small course teams in the last session of the course, Digital Storytelling session (also called as Movie Night).

It was difficult to select only some stories to be published as part of this blog post, but I have now selected these ones here (with the authors’ permission). Enjoy <3 Thanks for the students once more for the stories. Inside each of us, there lives a great storyteller 🙂

Here comes Christina’s touching story:

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This is Magdalena’s lovely story about walking:

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This is Elias’ reflective story about slow technology: HTI Digital Storytelling Elias Nieminen.mp4 (

And here comes Katrin’s relaxing story about the same topic, slow tech:

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Satu’s creative story about team formation and communication:

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Finally, Amir’s interesting story about creativity and ideas:

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Cheers, Aino Ahtinen, the Psychology in HTI course teacher

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