Category: Career planning

Hyvinvoinnin, opiskelutaitojen ja urasuunnittelun ryhmäohjaus lukuvuoden 2023 1. periodissa

Yhteiset ohjauspalvelut järjestävät ryhmäohjausta niin opintopsykologien, opinto-ohjaajien, uraohjaajien kuin yksilöllisten järjestelyiden asiantuntijoidenkin toimesta sekä vertaisohjaajienkin vetämänä.

Career planning self-study material

We have collected Career planning self-study material -Moodle about different subjects related to career planning and working life. The materials for Tampere University students have been collected under different themes. You can use the material for self-study and we hope it will help you to discover your goals and how to achieve them.

A letter about well-being – Discover your strengths to find the right career for you

For many of us, the plans we have made for working or travelling this spring and summer have been changed, postponed or even cancelled. Instead, we may now be planning to travel virtually or develop our skills through distance learning. Some of our students are struggling with having too much time on their hands while others are busy hopping from one subject to the next. What if we all take a minute of our time to reflect on our strengths and competencies?

Four career workshops in Hervanta 2019

In this series of 4 workshops you will go through all the steps needed to successfully hunt for jobs. The workshops can be attended separately, but we recommend coming to all the 4 parts if possible. You will be well prepared and ready to start hunting after this. The workshops are very interactive and there is room for questions. The workhops are: Self-assesment 7.11.2019, Where are the jobs? 21.11.2019, CV and cover letter 4.12.2019 and The job Interview 23.1.2020 at 13.15 – 16.00.