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A letter about well-being - Overcoming loneliness and building a sense of belonging

Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response that we all experience every once in a while. One fifth of people feel lonely on occasion, and one tenth of the people living in Finland report experiencing more extended periods of loneliness. We are now living in exceptional times, and the restrictions in place because of Covid-19 raise concerns over increased levels of loneliness. In the coronavirus survey conducted by the student union TREY in September 2020, 60% of the respondents reported that they have been feeling lonelier since the pandemic. Now that remote working and learning continues, we want to encourage everyone to consider what we can all do to reduce loneliness – not only our own but that of others, too.

Career planning self-study material

We have collected Career planning self-study material -Moodle about different subjects related to career planning and working life. The materials for Tampere University students have been collected under different themes. You can use the material for self-study and we hope it will help you to discover your goals and how to achieve them.

A letter about well-being – Stay hopeful this summer

The months of lockdown have stirred up mixed feelings and thoughts in us all. We have been riding an emotional rollercoaster, one day feeling anxious and uncertain and the next seeing a glimmer of hope. With many long-awaited summer events cancelled, we have had to rethink our holiday plans. Now that the summer holiday season is approaching, we should all take a moment to think how we can nurture our sense of hope amidst the coronavirus crisis and look forward to the summer and our future with optimism.

A letter about well-being – Daily routines make life easier

For many of us, the coronavirus lockdown has placed heavy demands on our ability to work independently and avoid procrastination, and the coming summer may further increase these demands. Sticking to a daily routine will make your life easier. If you do not yet have routines and habits that work for you, this is an excellent time to start creat-ing some to bring order to your day.

Letter on well-being - check list on writing the Master’s thesis

Even though the courses this spring are starting to be completed, many students continue to work on their thesis. Whether you are just getting started exploring your thesis project or putting the final touches to the manuscript, the following things from this spring’s Thesis writing workshop may be helpful. This spring, the study psychologists organised a Thesis writing workshop to support the thesis writing phase for those who have found writing and getting things done a challenge.