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Register for the summer course of the Student's Well-being and Life Skills course (1 ECTS): Take care of your psychological well-being and learn new skills with Student's Compass

Do you want to improve your psychological well-being, psychological flexibility and self-compassion? Do your studies stress you out? Are you feeling blue or anxious? The Student’s Compass virtual well-being and life skills programme is an independent course (1 ECTS) that offers new perspectives and practical tools to everyday problems students encounter in their studies.

A letter about well-being - Overcoming loneliness and building a sense of belonging

Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response that we all experience every once in a while. One fifth of people feel lonely on occasion, and one tenth of the people living in Finland report experiencing more extended periods of loneliness. We are now living in exceptional times, and the restrictions in place because of Covid-19 raise concerns over increased levels of loneliness. In the coronavirus survey conducted by the student union TREY in September 2020, 60% of the respondents reported that they have been feeling lonelier since the pandemic. Now that remote working and learning continues, we want to encourage everyone to consider what we can all do to reduce loneliness – not only our own but that of others, too.