Learn study skills at your own pace in Moodle

Study psychologists offer the following themes from the spring 2021 study skills lecture series as online implementations in Moodle: Learning Strategies and Study Skills, Oppimisen strategiat ja opiskelutaidot (in Finnish) and Tekstien oppiminen ja tenttiin valmistautuminen (in Finnish).

The study skills material “Learning Strategies and Study Skills” is offered online in Moodle and will be open from 20 April 2021 to 31 May 2021. The course key is: SkillsS2021. No registration required. The module offers you the opportunity to assess your study skills and techniques. The module comprises a brief video, written materials, reflective assignments and a discussion forum so you can share your thoughts and interact with your fellow students.

Corresponding online implementation ”Oppimisen strategiat ja opiskelutaidot” in Finnish is offered online in Moodle and can be viewed 16.3.2021 – 6.5.2021. The course key is: TaidotK2021a. No registration required.

The study skills lecture (in Finnish) “Tekstien oppiminen ja tenttiin valmistautuminen” is offered online in Moodle and can be viewed 10.3.2021 – 28.4.2021. The course key is: TekstitK2021. No registration required. The lecture approaches learning through memory and looks specifically at learning texts. The lecture also deals with practical reading and note-taking techniques.