Posts from 2022

Career services for international talents and students

TAMK cooperates with local services to help internationals enter the Finnish job market as easily as possible. Tampere is growing and becoming a popular destination for international talents and students. Many arriving to the city are searching for efficient ways to enter the working life and build their careers.

Educational Leadership Forum at TAMK brough a group of enthusiastic leaders to Tampere during the last week of April 2022

Few weeks back the Educational Leadership Forum was arranged at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish National Agency for Education, Business Tampere and the City of Tampere. Important topics of the latest trends, policies, and innovations in education were the focus areas of discussion during the week.

Eye on TAMK 2022 brought international buzz to campuses

TAMK has organised international weeks since 2010. It has been my pleasure to participate in all of them. In the course of years, the number of participants has increased immensely, the programme has become more diverse and the impact of the event has grown. The international week has become a well-known and high-quality event in which TAMK’s partner institutions want to participate year after year.