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What do the wine industry, the Asian Institute of Design and TAMK have in common?

In short, at least an active network, OBREAL Global, which is dedicated to promoting cross-regional South-South-North (SSN) collaboration between different partners – including the higher education institutions and vitiviniculture and oenology (Vita Global project). And potentially, a lot more too through different kinds of initiatives to support dialogue and synergies between governmental, academic and social sectors to build bridges towards reciprocal cooperation, mutual knowledge transfer, and tackling of common global challenges.

Practical observations from TAMK’s Finnish Language Club: communality, doing together and inclusion in language and culture learning

Individuals’ and groups’ social wellbeing is important in promoting learning. This has also been noticed in the Finnish language club of TAMK’s Study and Stay programme. When people feel good and interact openly, they have courage to learn to know other people and it is easier to learn. The threshold to speak in a foreign language becomes lower when the atmosphere is warm and safe. Participation in the language club is voluntary low-threshold activity.

Let’s save the world!

The world changes unpredictably fast. It is not what we hope. We live in a time when the grounds for a safe world are shaking. The first generation of students since the Second World War studied and lived in an isolation for almost two years.