Posts from 2023

Climate University: Empowering Change through Sustainable Education

Welcome to Climate University, a resource bank for accessing a wealth of materials dedicated to the vital topics of sustainability and climate change. In a world where environmental awareness and action are more crucial than ever, the climate university platform provides comprehensive, up-to-date, and accessible educational content produced by Finnish Higher Education Institutions.

Niitty 2 - Working together with immigrant families for a better everyday life

The number of immigrants in Finland is increasing for many reasons. In 2022, 508,000 of Finland's population had a foreign background or 9 percent of the entire population. Settling in a new country takes time and energy, especially in the beginning. At different stages of integration, questions or feelings may come to mind, even though they have lived in a new country for a long time.

Modern China, an opportunity?

China has changed a lot. Ultramodern goes hand in hand with traditions. In education, focus is still on scores, evaluation, and performance – ranking lists play an important role. At the same time Chinese universities are very actively seeking international cooperation to modernize the curriculum and to also show their excellence.

Smart and Sustainable Mobility: Insights from the Transnational Exchange of Experience event of SPOTLOG project

Smart mobility refers to the intelligent use of various modes of transportation, such as public transport, car-sharing, ridesharing, walking, biking, and more, to reduce environmental impact and improve quality of life. Smart mobility solutions aim to optimize the efficiency, safety, comfort, and accessibility of mobility services, while minimizing the negative effects of congestion, pollution, noise, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Digital networking tools boost employment of highly educated immigrants

DigiMESH-project, which ended at the end of October 2023, made a visible difference in the digital networking field in a short period of time. The outcomes of a 2-year-long collaborative project between Turku University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will continue to exist in the form of a publicly accessible MOOC course and Networking Steps -mini game.

Minun ääneni – A project that brings Alzheimer’s people together to enjoy music

As nursing students from TAMK, we got the opportunity to participate in the Minun ääneni project (translated as the “My Voice” project). This project is for people with memory disorders, and the particular event we joined was a music event in Pakkahuone on September 21st for the World’s Alzheimer’s Day. Attending was part of our Nursing Care for the Elderly studies.

Just triple transition towards zero pollution – digital, social and green

The world is in transition. This transformation concerns us globally in environmental, economic and social terms. We need both tools and determination to drive the transition towards just and responsible solutions across sectors and borders. However, reaching just transition is not easy since it means complex actions, whilst simplifying things often end up with insufficient or even wrong answers.