80 Chinese students start their studies in Applied Chemistry in a joint programme with TAMK

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After almost a decade of collaboration, TAMK and Qilu University of Technology started a joint programme approved by the Ministry of Education of China, moving their collaboration into a new era. The programme is in applied chemistry and welcomes around 80 new students annually.

The programme follows a “4+0” system, meaning that the students study 4 years at Qilu University of Technology in China (Qilu) and have access to educational resources from both Qilu and TAMK. In September 2022, TAMK teachers start teaching the first cohort of 78 Chinese students online.

Good things come from strong collaborations

The collaboration between the two universities did not happen overnight. In fact, the partnership has been developing over the past decade.

The cooperation started with a student exchange programme in 2013. From 2013 to 2017, a total amount of 27 Qilu students did their one-year exchange studies at TAMK. From 2017, students from the degree programme in Applied Chemistry at Qilu had a chance to study at TAMK for two years in a double degree programme. Since then, around 15 students come to Finland each year for their two-year study period.

Until now, around 70 Qilu students have done their exchange studies or double degree studies at TAMK. Almost half of them continued their postgraduate studies in Finland or in other European countries. Moreover, some of them started their international careers in leading Finnish companies in the field of bioproduct and papermaking.

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Lectures begin during autumn semester 2022

Based on the positive feedback from the previous students and ever-deepening partnership with Qilu University of Technology, the two universities decided to focus more on the Chinese students.

Therefore, the two universities applied for a new “4+0” bachelor’s degree programme in applied chemistry and the application was approved by the Ministry of Education of China. The programme welcomes a maximum number of 80 students annually and enables them to experience the Finnish educational system without moving to Finland. After completion of the programme, the students get a Bachelor’s Degree from Qilu University of Technology and study certificates from TAMK.

The programme introduces a variety of courses taught by TAMK lecturers, accounting for 1/3 of the curriculum. TAMK lecturers will be teaching the Chinese students online from autumn 2022, due to Covid-19 related travel restriction in China. When international travel to China resumes normally, TAMK lecturers will be able to travel to China and teach on the campus.

The Chinese students are now in their 2nd year at Qilu University of Technology, and they will participate in TAMK courses on orientation to studies and few basic professional courses.

For more information contact:
Tanyu Chen, TAMK Global Education

Text : Yue Wang
Photograph: Archive of TAMK Global Education

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