Growth Makers, a new Master’s specialization at TAMK

Supporting the needs of fast-growing businesses, TAMK created a new specialization for the mid-career Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management.

The world of business is changing as the international business space is expanding and evolving at a very rapid pace. Companies are not only trading internally within their set borders but are continuously working on internationalizing their operations to other countries where the demand could be higher.

Not all company owners have the right tools and capacity to expand their business, especially if the field they are venturing into is relatively new and high risk. Statistics have shown that in practice, internationalization of companies is quite tricky. Businesses find it challenging to grow and remain profitable. Therefore, there is a need for educational programmes that will provide business professionals with a practical approach.

When choosing a degree programme that can provide the critical tools for business growth and expansion, it is crucial to consider selecting a university with a high success rate in international business, and outstanding initiatives that could give your business the much-needed head start. Tampere University of Applied Sciences International Business Management Programme offers all the business tools diverse company needs for growth and internationalization.

New programme based on good experiences

Tampere has a growing startup and small business scene that want to scale-up and become international enterprises. This calls for further education and training to help these businesses be more agile. Growth Makers is a practical programme which was inspired by the tremendous success of the Y-Makers programme.

Growth makers is a specialization in the International Business Management Master’s Degree Programme that is offered at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It targets individuals who are already working in medium or small-sized companies in Tampere, Tampere region or Finland, with a particular interest in growth, expansion and internationalization. It seeks to empower and impact prospective students with business tools that will support them in the quest for expanding their business to the international market.

If you are self-motivated to learn, completing the Growth Makers programme could be the key to unlocking your full potential in the international business space.

Building networks is part of the journey

Unlike the majority of the business-related master’s programmes, Growth Makers will teach you practical skills. By applying them in real projects, you will begin your journey of internationalization as well as strengthen your understanding of the theoretical concepts. Both soft and hard skills are included in the master’s programme.

Building connections with other fast-growing businesses is an essential part of the Growth Makers programme. It offers a perfect place to create a solid, influential network with the business community in Tampere, Finland and abroad.

Whether you are aiming at expanding your knowledge in Sales and Marketing for Growth, Growth Business Models and Strategy, Growth Ecosystems, Internationalization Strategy or Sustainable Growth, this degree programme is a good and efficient starting point for you. You will be working on real projects within your already existing company under the supervision of experienced professionals within TAMK’s International Business Department.

Flexible study programme fitting today’s busy schedule

Earning an International Business Management Master’s degree is easier than ever before. Growth Makers is a part-time study programme that lasts for 1.5 years. Its structure will not only allow you to balance your work with your studies, but it will also empower you with the necessary tools for growth and internationalization. Graduates receive a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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Text: Sven Rassl, Senior Lecturer, and Iddah Tsuma, trainee.
Photo: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila