International Business Management students share their insight on this TAMK master’s degree

Expand your future with top-notch courses and become an expert in building international networks and leading successful teams.

In today’s expanding world, business professionals face new demands and challenges. The Master’s degree in International Business Management enables the graduates to manage and lead international business operation successfully. The students learn how to apply theory to practical cases of international business management.

This mid-career Master’s degree requires 2 years of work experience after the bachelor’s graduation. However, the work experience is an asset for this master’s degree, as the four students interviewed for this article emphasized. Working in different fields and positions has given them the opportunity to explore their strengths and map their desired career path. During these master studies, they refresh their knowledge and gain new tools for managing international business risks, global operations management, intercultural communications, customer and market analysis, leadership skills and more.

“The organization of the degree and information given to us prior to starting was excellent. TAMK is very efficient on the way they communicated courses and processes with us. Sven Rassl is reliable and enthusiastic on his work and creates such a positive atmosphere for us,” says Oona Wahlstrom.

The graduates are equipped with the right tools for success in leading positions, for example as specialists and consultants, managers and project coordinators in companies both in Finland and abroad.

“The courses make you think from a professional perspective and challenge your problem-solving skills. When challenged you can go above and beyond to complete the task, and you might surprise yourself by excelling,” emphasizes Jessica Saulamaa, entrepreneur and International Business Management master student.

Study and Work-life balance

Working during this 1.5 years degree is not only possible, but it is even valuable. While learning new theoretical frameworks, the students can put new knowledge to the test and apply new practices directly at their workplace. At the same time, their experience and learnings from working in business can benefit the more theoretical aspects of the master studies, such as the thesis research.

The studies include themes such as strategy and change, accounting and financial management. The courses are designed to give tools for understanding different aspects of the business world. As application of learned content happens in the students’ own employment environment, broadening one’s knowledge helps them improve their performance at work and opens new doors for them.

“Finances and accounting had always scared me but now I know how to better price products and even how to analyze the financial situation of a company from reports,” says Huimin Zhu who works for a Helsinki fashion label while finishing her master studies in TAMK.

Diversity is an asset

Business seems to be international in its core. The interviewed students described already working in companies with international teams or working on projects and deals with international external partners. As they explain, TAMK’s International Business Management Master’s degree was the natural choice.

The programme is designed around a main principle: cooperation. The courses are designed to encourage cooperation and improve the students’ team-work skills. The courses offer a great balance between theory and practical work, like group work and case studies. Moreover, study groups are created in the first semester and the teams work together throughout the studies.

Multicultural and multidisciplinary diversity in the classroom brings many benefits for the students. Having worked in different companies and positions, each student brings their own set of skills and experiences. Consequently, a great variety of ideas and solutions are put on the table when the study groups work on study assignments.

“I have learnt how to better collaborate with professionals from different fields and cultures. I learnt a lot more due to the degree’s focus on teamwork, than I would have just by sitting and listening to lectures. The classroom environment of the degree perfectly simulates real work life,” explains Nina Lukkari proudly.

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Photos: Sven Rassl