Six months deep

Four weeks ago I came back from Spain and I found my new house covered in white. Tampere had been completely taken by winter and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city and the forest were.

I believe this is one of the reasons why I came to Finland, to find these amazing pure and still scenarios where it feels like time has been paused so you can have a thought. And I even had the chance to ice skate on a frozen lake!

The adventure continues, I have a few more months to enjoy the city and I have just decided that my thesis will consist in a deep analysis of the Finnish culture and ways of communication. I arrived to Tampere six months ago and the more time I spend here the more identified I feel with this strange society that was a complete shock to me at the beginning. I understand better every day the whys and I find myself communicating and acting like a true Finn.

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to see the Auroras from my neighbourhood, Rauhaniemi. It was, as per usual, a striking performance. This has been the third time we have been lucky enough to see them in Tampere and I will never get tired of the dancing lights!

Text and photos: Laura Jaén García