Safety training developed TAMK’s leadership expertise

Two hands holding a gadget that is sending signals.

TAMK has organised simulation exercises in safety management every few years, where various hazardous incidents have been demonstrated to the participants. The most recent exercise was held in June at the main campus, in Catering Studio facilities. The aim was to test the management team's capabilities and resilience in the management of exceptional situations. The timing of the exercise was known in advance by the participants, but only the members of the preparatory group were aware about the content of the safety training.

Over the course of two hours, there were situations related to data protection and campus security, which proceeded at an accelerating pace. Anyone who has been involved in different simulations knows that situations can become quite confusing. However, based on feedback, TAMK participants kept cool head and finished the exercise quite well. The simulation exercise was also fun and an exciting way to learn!

As someone who was involved for the first time, I observed three key points. First, the members of the management team who had participated in previous exercises were much more aware of how to act in a surprising situation than us, the first-time participants. Secondly, communication and campus support functions are very important in exceptional circumstances. Both students and staff, as well as the rest of the people inside and outside TAMK, want information about what is happening and what is being done. Thirdly, the readiness to cooperate with the authorities and other stakeholders is well established at TAMK. It is important to understand and manage your own role well. Consequently, I will carefully read the updated safety instructions and participate actively in the future exercises, for sure!

The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland requires that all higher education institutions have better action plans and guidelines for dealing with different exceptional situations. TAMK has also updated the instructions and made a contingency plan with the facilitation of Senior Advisor Matti Pietilä in accordance with the national guidelines. The plan includes how basic operations can be safeguarded and continued in different circumstances. Based on this exercise is clear that although our capability to act is on a quite high level, it is important that we practice regularly on managing surprising situations.

The training session in June was carried out in a very professional manner. The simulation was directed by Insta Defsec. Representatives from various TAMK functions, the Students’ Union, staff and authorities, as well as the IT Services of the Tampere Universities community, observed the performance of the management team throughout the exercise. The feedback praised the fact that the management team, and especially Vice President Mikko Naukkarinen as Head of the Safety Management Team, acted in a fairly organised and calm manner. Of course development ideas were also raised, and these will be updated in TAMK’s safety instructions and operating methods. Practice always develops our expertise and confidence!


Text: Niina Jallinoja, the Director of the School of Business and Media in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and a member of TAMK’s Executive Group.

Picture: Pixabay